2021 Bring It

2021 Bring It

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60% Pinot Noir | 20% Syrah | 5% Grenache Noir | 5% Mourvedre | 5% Touriga Nacional | 5% Gewurztraminer

Pinot Noir | Finnigan Hill Vineyard — certified organic

Syrah, Grenache Noir, Mourvedre | Conley Vineyard — certified organic 

Touriga Nacional | Wilridge Vineyard — biodynamic

Gewürztraminer | Lacewing Vineyard — practicing organic

The Bring It red blend is always a representation of the vintage as a whole at Swick Wines. The 2021 harvest brought us some amazingly complex Pinot Noir from top-notch terroir that we used the base for this wine. Syrah contributes smoke and leather, Touriga brings the dark cherry, and Gewürztraminer adds a floral aromatic embellishment. Would be delicious served alongside a warming dish of beef bourguignon.

Produced & Bottled by Swick Wines, Newberg, Oregon.

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